YoUnG Generation Gaming previously known as 'YoUnG Generation Fun Time Sever' was originally started back in 2010 by YoUnG_MoNeY and Simon. YGG has mainly focused on T-DM (Team-DeathMatch) from the very beginning, and it gained popularity in 2011 when YGG hit the height of 170 players and an average of 100 players. YGG is a gamemode which expands upon Grand Theft Auto's original idea of living a real life inside game itself and committing crimes and avoiding or fleeing from law enforcement, although this time you're being chased by real people! As the name implies, Death match, Freeroam and RolePlay are the base of YGG, but we've added a whole world of things you can do around that, some legal and some not.. YGG was ranked #17 out of 5,000+ servers by SA-MP Monitor in late 2012 ans 2013. Since the server initiated in 2010, the script has gone through many revisions, modifications and major upgrades. YG-Gaming server was temporarily shut down on 2015 because of several reasons, one of them was lack of interest of owners. The server consist of Drifting, DM'ing, RP, Stunts and Freeroam. [RB] (Rozario Brothers) was the server's first official clan which was later changed to YG (YoUnG Generations). Currently the YGG Server is mainly scripted by YoUnG_MoNeY and Lordz with the contributions of BlueSky, Snake, Robert and many others.

Four years later, on december 15 2014 we had a falling out and were forced to shut it down temporarily for almost 9 months. YGG is still strong and the gamemode has been updated regularly with new features. We're still working hard to provide a fun gaming experience for all of you! Thanks to everyone who's been a part of YGG.


1. Do not use cheats, hacks or any kind of mod to give you unfair advantages over other players.

2. No racism or offending any religion in anyway.

3. Do not entice people to use the /q or /quit.. It's not funny.

4. Do not ask about the status of admin. We will ask you if you are qualified enough to get it.

5. Do not shoot from the car (driveby) with /autofix activated. Disable it if you want to do driveby.

6. No flaming, spamming, flooding or behaving like an arsehole.

7. Do not evade minigames and take the Weapons out of Minigame areas.

8. Do not hijack other's car while they are exchanging or buying Vehicles.

9. Do not insult the server nor advertise others servers.

10. Do not use hydra/hunter/rhino/sea sparrow/rc helicopter in spawn areas to kill.

11. Do not use /sp and /lp in the middle of duel or for stealing others stuff.

12. Do not ask admins for cookies/biscuits/icecreams/cakes, doing this may result in a punishment.

YGG Credits

* The YG v9.0.1 Gamemode (player and admins commands) written by YM[YG]...
* Some portion of the code are used with the permission from various members of the SAMP community.
* Player class skin, weapons and vehicle model choice by YM[YG], [YG]Simon and YG Admins.
* Vehicle placement & property placement by [YG]Simon, House placement by YM[YG].
* YG Beta testing by BlueSky, Lordzy, BlackBloods, Snake, TooKeY, Odedara, Robert and JaZzZ.

Notable contributions:

Warning - Ex-Management member
Lordzy for YG classic version 8.0.1
[YG]Jono - Ex-Management Member
[xB]BlackBloods - YG Official GFX Editor
Mortalis - Maps

Other credits to:

Incognito for the Streamer and IRC Plugin.
Jack for the Animations script.
X337 for the basic web script.
Sandra for the base of the property system code and for flying camera code.
Totto8492 for GeoIP_Plugin (Country detector)
Y_Less for sscanf Plugin.
Mortalis for the Base Jumps, UFO and some maps.
Areeb for some of the maps.
Odedara for YGG wiki.
Robert for YG bar, Anti-Vehicle driveby (On Spawns) and for new property placements.
Snake for YG Apps and RD Base Map/Script.
taXi for the base Vehicle control system.
BlueG for MySQL plugin.
Kalcor(Kye) for coding SA-MP!