How do I earn money?

You can earn money by performing your skill. Most importantly you can earn from your property eventually. There are also other ways to earn both money and points, including missions and odd jobs.

How do I save my money and stats?

When you are on the server, you can register an account using /register. Once you register an account, you will be able to log in whenever you join the server, recovering your data.

Why my money and stats do not save! Someone hacked my account!

If you are registered, your data will always save. Also, it is impossible for your account to be logged into unless you have leaked your password to other players. Money will NEVER be refunded for compromised accounts or victims of scamming.

How do I get unbanned?

All information for bans and getting unbanned is found here. Be sure to also read the stickied topics before posting.

How do I see my stats?

While in-game, you can see your current life stats by doing /stats. You can also use these commands to see other player's stats, by doing /stats [ID]. If you are registered, you can also see your stats on the UCP page.

How do I report rule breakers/cheaters?

Firstly, do NOT spam the chat. If the rule breakers see you spamming chat for an admin, they'll stop what they're doing which prevents an admin from gathering proof/information on them. If you witness someone breaking the rules, use /report [Player name/ID] [Reason]. This will alert all the admins that are online. Remember that with as many players at once, your complaint might not be looked into immediately. Don't be discouraged! If someone is persistently breaking the rules, take screenshots with F8 and report them on the forums.

What are 'Trusted Players'? How do I become one?

Trusted players are that play on the server on a regular basis. They are awarded this status based on score and playtime. Becoming a 'Trusted Player' in-game does not mean you will have the voice in the IRC.

What are "Admins"? How do I become one?

Administrators are players that have been on YGG for a long time. They show that they follow the rules, are helpful to other players, and engage in all parts of the community. DO NOT ask to become an admin. If you show admin qualities, we will find you and will consider you.

How do I submit suggestions?

Suggestions for the server or script can be submitted in the Forum.

Can I use mods on the server?

Any modification, including skin mods, are allowed in YGG. The only mod which is not allowed is Cleo [Parkour included]. Players caught with cleo modifications will be immediately banned .

How do I buy a house? What can I do with a house?

You can buy a house just by using /buyh or /buyhouse in the house icon in green. There after you will be spawning infron of your house with 100 armour [You can disable it any time you want.]

What is cookie system? How to use it?

At YG, cookies are rewarded/given to players in different ways. Player will get Cakes, Icecreams and Biscuits as well, these can be used for buying several stuffs. You will get these cookies from admins, killing spree, by winning the race and by other events. Sometimes these can be given at random by the server admins for no real reason at all. If you are registered your cookies, biscuits, cakes and icecreams will be saved and restored when you join.